Stay quarantined, remain a customer

Your local business needs your help in order to survive, make a difference by reaching out

1. Recall your last restaurant visit, the last art performance you attended, your last visit to your barber, your Yoga instructor, etc. Think of what local businesses that you would like to remain a customer with but can't throughout the quarantine.

2. Tell your local businesses how you would be willing to help out (buy vouchers, participate/order online, help them set up shop online, etc, be creative!).

3. Let the local business know who you are or where you are from, so that we can tell the local business that there are quarantined customers that want to remain customers / support them.

4. Add your email so that we can follow-up with specific instructions on how to help out

Why Quarantined Customer?

The problem

Many small businesses take countermeasures (live streaming, liquidity vouchers, restaurants switch to take-away services etc), but their customers may not even now it, and in many cases, small business owners don’t even feel confident about how to take their business online. Some even feel that it isn’t worth it, that their quarantined customers wouldn’t even bother.

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The solution encourages quarantined customers to remember their favourite local businesses and reach out to them to hear how they can remain customers or support them throughout the quarantine.

How it works in practice

Businesses may publish their quarantine-specific workarounds here on the site, informing their customers how they are best helped during the quarantive. We encourage business owners to reach and and ask for help - if they need technical assistance setting up a live stream, someone in their community is bound to know. We encourage quarantined customers to step up and volunteer their skills and expertise. Create a profile, list your skills and we'll match you to the business where you can do the most good.


This is just the beginning

This website is currently a simple information collection form. We will manually follow up on every submission, help with the matching and get people talking. If there's enough interest in the initiative we will automate the process with a web app that collects the information and possibly does the matching as well.

It takes 5 minutes to save a local business

Beat corona, not the entrepreneurs